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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

[ the day and nite ]

darlie, adik n i went to bukit tinggi watched ninja assasin.. (this is the real ninja!hehe)
b4 dat mkn2 kt old town, maen some game budak2!
den at 8 we went to pesta2 (i dont remember la ape org panggil dier!)

we went to alamanda..
now with another adik!
darlie pnye adik yg comel bulat2!
we went tgk planet 51 pulak (since ade kiddies..)
den rite after tgk wyg we were heading to dataran to lompat2!

we went karoke as usual at quality hotel..
now i realize that ders no pic 4 dat day!!

we went to wet world!
ok2 la tmpt dier..
it was so crowded..(since school holiday)

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