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Thursday, December 17, 2009

[ big girl! ]

today is athirah jamil pnye birthday..
since die xde kat umah in the morning, we went to watch SANTAU at OU..
dats movie kinda best but since cite antu, im shouted in the hall!
the movie is so scary..
tmbh2 lg si boolat mmg penakut, so i need to protect myself je..
dier x leh nk fokus bile tgk cite antu..
den after we went back, we stopped at pyramid to buy the birthday present..
im searching for the famous amos kiosk and it took almost an hour! (2 la akibat bile jarang pegi pyramid!)
gile mcm nk patah kaki..
the guard mcm xde point je keje since salah bg direction!
den we went to jamil's house nk bg present anak dier..
thats all!
happy birthday athirah! :D-dier yg macam mahyun! taken at ptar 2 few months ago..-

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