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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

new year 2010

happy new year to all!
hows your new year? i dont have enough time to update my own blog.
so now its the time to do sooo...anyway let me share with u all what i had done in the past 4 days.

-movie time, the tourists
-bought new phone

-karoke sampai lebam sbb mahal
-had a super great shopping time @ sg wang. barang super murah!

-went to uitm to meet advisor. hmm no komen.
-back to work at 2.00pm. thanks to mior for the ride

-bz with lots of work. heard that i maybe change my department for job rotation. love it. at least im not doing the same thing in 5 months.

ok kesimpulannya dah habis banyak duit utk 1st week of 2011. hopefully i will use my money wisely. takot!

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