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Friday, October 29, 2010

random update

now im in final exam mode. alhamdulillah 1 paper done very well. just waiting for the next paper which will be on saturday morning. i hope for the best for every semester and this semester will be the last semester for me to perform well. i'll try my best and all the best for all my friends too.

and i had received a call from sime darby-hyundai at glenmarie for practical training placement. alhamdulillah and insyaallah i will do my internship there. thank you Allah for giving me chances while others still seeking for the internship placement in any company.

for those who are having a great life, pls be grateful on what you have because u will never know how important it is until u lost it. for those who are having problem in your live, just put the sadness aside and pls live happily because once u are sad, there are always friends for you. if u have no friends, Allah is always be with u.

for all my friends especially my classmates, i love u all. thanks for the happiness, sadness, madness that we share together here in uitm. hopefully we will still be friends forever. u are the greatest classmates ever!

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