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Friday, April 9, 2010

kumon :)

oh i forgot to tell u people.
i work with kumon for 2 months already!
1st at kumon section 7 but now im working for kumon section 9 too..
section 9 pays me more than section 7 so im willing to work there.. :)

in kumon section 7, we have multi tasking work.we have to mark students' paper as well as packing their homework n even teach them to do their work.. the staff are very friendly and we can freely go to work at our own time.. :) i like it..hehe..but unfortunately, they pay me rm3 per hour.which i think its not reasonable!

in kumon section 9, we just have to mark students paper without doing any other work. there are all totally zero noise.staff are not allowed to make noise, even talking each other. staff are not allowed to teach students and we are not allowed to sms too.. :( but they pay more!! rm4 per hour..and the best part is if we work more than 30hours in a month, they will pay me rm5 per hour!

i like that part! :D

thanks kumon for giving me money!!
more and moreeeeeee..


Anonymous said...

kt kumon aku..mmg x blh sms time marking..n markers hnye akn mark kertas je..aku pun dulu marking je..tp mmandangkn aku dh pro sikt2 kt keje2 admin ni..hahha..so aku akn marking jgk & buat keje2 admin jgk..mcm pack hmewrok tu sume..hahahan aku dpt 5rm sbb org lame ;)

maiSarah said...

haha..ini tidak adil!!