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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

[ holiday before holiday ]

i had really2 good time before going back to perlis tomorrow..

-i went to mkn2 nandos with my dear..
- jln2 near sacc mall den balik..
-d bising sbb fon xde battery so xle amek gmbr..haha!!

-i had goin 2 tasik for fishing with my dear n mior
-having bbq there den straight way 2 sg tua..
-we jln2 taking a lot of pics but most of the pic with mior..
-just a few wit me but mls nk upload..haha..

-i went bukit tinggi to watch 2012
-unfortunately all the tickets are sold out..
-i am soooo depressed!! n suddenly i saw his post bout this!
-so we went mkn2 at kenny rogers dgn muka buruk n hati yg kecewa sgt..
-we smpt timbang berat n check the blood pressure, also the fat!
-omg my fat is higher than him!noooo~

-mkn tomyam sedap in front Plaza Alam Sentral (pas)
-jln2 inside pas n smpt karoke 10 lagu..haha!

-we went again to bukit tinggi
-this time we watched ninja n pisau cukur..
-b4 dat we mkn2 big apple n had a great talk bout him..
-bout his do n donts, bout his favourite, bla bla bla..
-we have more than 100 pics!!but still, mls nk upload.haha!

-we went to midvalley with AJ n NZ..haha!
-we watched 2012 (5 stars for this movie!)
-den later we mkn2 at bangsar village punye foodcourt which i used to be there during last valentine!
-den terus g hospital pantai to see the adorable baby..athirah's nephew..
-blk slept at her house..

-today monin she sent me to my house
-den around 2 we went to the hospital again to sent some food to her sis..
-den now baru smpai rumah blk..
-im packing my stuff to go home..

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