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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

[ talkative ]

Let’s face it..
a guy talks to a girl ..
a guy does 99% of the talking..
obviously the guy realizes the girl isn’t interested.

Guy:How was your day?...

Bad Girl: Good.
Good Girl: good, and yours?

Why are outgoing people more attractive
they are NORMAL!
they are not too shy
they are easy to talk to
there is not awkward silence
there are smart enough to think of things to say
chances are they give better eye contact
they are more likely to be ‘there for you’
there are more likely to be helpful..
rather than those people who where you feel bad to ask a favour ..

you can someday talk to this person about everything
when you are more outgoing it is more romantic or flirting, rather than just silence and as if you are 2 snobs taling 2 each other
the more you share with each other, the more you become friends and reduce the 'stranger shadow' or 'stranger danger' 'mystery'
by being less secretive you are more respected.

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